Short Stories

"The Wonderful Things That Happen to Me Because of Who I Am"
NOON 2002

Once, this guy beat the shit out of me because I’m fat and ugly.  He said ugly people should only be around to go through pain, because pretty people hate when ugly people have things going good for them.

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"The Little Fuckers" 
NOON 2004

We were by no means taking this shit lightly. I rassled with her daily, and every time she hurt herself I got sympathy pains.

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Guernica 2005

My wife and I were kick-ass archeologists. Found all kinds of old, important shit out in the jungle, dealing with dangerous natives, applying for grants.

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"I Told This Story to My Friend Hudson
Noon 2020

There was what I saw years after any of this. They got him. I remember when they brought him in. The man was a deformed man with a lot of face.

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